When Angela Greene’s twin daughters were expelled from their Girl Scout Troop, she took immediate action. She stood up against the injustice. She stood up for Malia and Sharena, who had done nothing but give a Family Heritage Presentation highlighting their family's involvement with the Civil Rights Movement.

The troop leaders from the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta had unwittingly picked the wrong mother to email (twice!) with an offer to find another troop that was a "better fit". Shocked, outraged, and disappointed by the inexcusable discriminatory conduct, Angela vehemently rejected their offers and weak solutions. She adamantly refused to find another troop, and she had no desire to start her own troop.

Angela pursued a legal course of action instead and ventured on a journey through four levels of state and federal courts that taught her some tough lessons about ineffective assistance of counsel. In fact, she was motivated to do her own research and to litigate for herself.

Unnecessary Roughness is a remarkable story of resilience, determination, fearlessness, and advocacy. More importantly, it is a fascinating story of a mother's love and her faith in God, who served as her attorney when no one else would.