Trusting Your Intuition in Advocacy

Author Angela Greene

Sometimes in the world advocacy, one might find themselves having to go it alone. It does not mean that the cause is not important, it just might mean only you see the value in the struggle for justice. Having to fight a great battle alone can be scary and it can really test your faith, but this is when one must trust in a power greater than themselves and go forward knowing you are covered.

I can attest to the level of difficulty in being the lone soldier on the front lines in a battle with 10,000 men. I had to surrender all of my doubts, fears, and the negative chatter that would have otherwise caused me to give up my fight for justice. Oddly, it was when I realized that I was going to have to go it alone, that I was forced to trust my intuition.

Once one makes the decision to surrender their human limitations, is when you can invite the voice of God to guide you, thus taking over the battle on your behalf-all you have to do is trust and believe. Granted, it can be extremely difficult to believe in a way being made that one cannot see, but that is called Faith, which you must also have.

“We are all intuitive. God speaks to us in a variety of ways. It depends on where we are, and what is in our path,” says clairvoyant, Shea Ensign-Spillos. She adds while she had some interesting experiences as a child that made her realize there was something unique about her experiences like hearing voices and footsteps and having strange dreams, a life-changing event as an adult inspired her conscious spiritual journey.

This journey, which awakened Ensign-Spillos’ intuition, is the same intuition that we all share. In fact, I explain in my upcoming book, “Unnecessary Roughness” that I often had a familiar voice that guided me through my legal battle, which is the foundation of the book. We must all learn to listen and trust our inner voice; it will never mislead you.

“Listen to your intuition. Take your emotions out and listen to that still small voice,” says Ensign. She admits sometimes her head, her heart, and her gut can all be sending different signals, but she concedes failing to go with her gut is always a grave mistake.

Trusting that intuition and knowing that it is always available to serve one’s highest good is reassuring. However, Ensign-Spillos adds, what is equally important is to pray first! “Always pray first and ask God to reveal [your answer] in a dream or a coincidence, and pay close attention to how it is manifesting.”

After your answer has been revealed, one must be ready accept the outcome whatever it is whether you like it not. If you are fighting for something and do not get the outcome you hoped for, go forward knowing that everything always happens exactly the way it is supposed to happen. There are no mistakes. Take comfort and recognize there is always more than one way to skin a cat.

And sometimes, losing is winning!

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