Angela Greene
Author and Speaker
Media Kit

Angela Greene is a natural leader and a tenacious fighter. She firmly believes in standing up for what is right, even if it means standing alone. Prior to being called to advocate for social justice, she worked as a staff writer for the Atlanta-Journal Constitution and as a disc jockey for several local radio stations (WCLK, WFOX, WSB-FM, WALR, and WVEE) for over twenty years. She also worked as a traffic anchor for the Tom Joyner Morning Show.

Angela earned her bachelor's degree in English from Georgia State University and was a faculty scholar. She also earned her master's degree in Administration of Justice and Security from the University of Phoenix. After graduating with honors, she became an active member of the National Criminal Justice Honor Society.

Angela's family was very active in the1960's Civil Rights Movement, and she loves sharing their history with her identical twin daughters, Malia and Sharena. Ironically, when her daughters were expelled from their Girl Scout Troop after giving a Family Heritage Presentation highlighting their family's involvement with the Civil Rights Movement, Angela was catapulted into advocacy work. Acting as a Pro Se Litigate, she filed a racial discrimination and disability lawsuit against the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta.

Her quest for justice took her through four levels of state and federal courts and taught her some tough but valuable lessons. Possessing the courage to engage a legal challenge against a major international organization with nothing but the will to do and the soul to dare stands as one of her proudest accomplishments to date, especially after being acknowledged by a federal judge for her outstanding articulation and presentation of the facts of the case.

Another proud accomplishment is the publication of her book, Unnecessary Roughness, detailing her passionate pursuit of justice. She also founded Change Agents Advocacy Group to empower others to stand up for social justice and to encourage others to become powerful self-advocates whenever the need arises.

Presently Angela is a contributing writer for an advocacy blog with The Huffington Post. Recently named the Education Chair for the NAACP (Gwinnett County Chapter), she is a staunch opponent of the "school to prison" pipeline and advocates for parents and students.

When she is not fighting the good fight, Angela enjoys going to the movies, attending smooth jazz concerts, curling up with a good book, and learning slang from her teenage twins.