“Plaintiff’s initiation of the present action along with her filings, all without an attorney, have demonstrated her ability to proceed adequately on her own behalf and to articulate the facts of the case. Plaintiff’s post-graduate education further indicates that she may be better equipped to represent herself that many pro se litigants in this or any other field.”
The Honorable Judge Russell Vineyard, Aug. 20, 2013


“No attorney at law could have done a better job arguing the errors and issues that were made in the lower court than she did representing her daughter’s in the matter before the court.”
Patricia Coard-Seabrooks, 2016


“Angela took on a battle that many seasoned attorneys refuse to tackle because of the high probability of lack of success in discrimination cases in today’s climate.”
Dr. Joyce Hall

Our Mission

To effectively fight injustice on behalf of children.


Who We Are/Our Goal

Change Agents Advocacy Group (CAAG), a social justice advocacy group that seeks to educate and empower people against social injustices. We specialize in advocating for people who need assistance with conflict to resolutions, without the high cost or formal legal fees. Our focus is mitigating the damage caused to school children caught in the school to prison pipeline (STPP).

Our goal is to offer advocacy support to those parents and students who need representation they cannot get from formal legal services. We will stand with you and for you against the established system which seeks to criminalize your student.

Passion for Advocacy
Angela’s passion for advocacy grew out of her own personal experience in advocating for herself. Angela represented herself through four jurisdictions in a civil rights case. It was then she realized how often many people miss the opportunity to get justice from unjust situations. She was motivated to help those very people who will most likely never see justice without the help she can offer.


School to Prison Pipeline
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) defines the school to prison pipeline as a disturbing national trend wherein children are funneled out of public schools and into juvenile and criminal justice systems. CAAG agrees that the STPP is an alarming criminal justice emergency because it disproportionately affects and primarily targets students of color. These students usually have learning disabilities and are from low-income families with no or limited access to resources.


Why This Is Important
CAAG believes advocating for parents whose students have been thrust into the school to prison pipeline largely due to implicit bias is an important first step in addressing this problem. 

The American Bar Association (ABA) reported in August 2016 that even judges are challenged with implicit bias in the courtroom. Hence, if those who govern are legal system, confess to punishing people of color more harshly, how can we expect our schools to view our children through a lens of fairness and equity? We can’t and they don’t.

We believe there are at least two remedies schools systems can begin to take to help mitigate this problem (1) cultural and diversity training for teachers (2) exercising discretion.

Policing in the Black Community
In 2015 CAAG partnered with the U.S. Department of Justice and others to hold a town hall meeting to address the relationship between law enforcement and the Black male, a primary target of over-policing by law enforcement. CAAG believes some of the same strategies that can be used in positively policing the community can be implemented in unplugging the STPP.